a traditional food.....
Often lovingly referred to as "the hamburger of Greece", souvlaki is undeniably the  signature street food item in the country. With references of its preparation dating back to Ancient Greece, this perfect little sandwich has remained a constant in Greek food culture.
The demand for souvlaki in Greece is such that one can find souvlakia on nearly every corner. Each one is different, but the sandwich remains the same. In America however, we’ve not been properly introduced and a true souvlaki is tough to find. In the past few decades certain sauces and unconventional ingredients have been introduced to its preparation, much in the way that Americans have done with their pizza.
What we have for you is the authentic Greek souvlaki. A traditional combination of charcoal grilled meat, wrapped in a warm pita with the must-have accompaniment of tzatziki sauce, tomato, onion and french fries - just simple, fresh ingredients.
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